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Be an Advocate for Nuclear Energy ~ Here’s Where to Start

Don’t just sit there – do something!

green_earth_nuclear_atom-1.jpgThe pressing issues of climate change and the need to decarbonize our highly technological societies have led to many people toward thinking that the CO2 emission free nature of nuclear power is one of the answers, along with renewable energy technologies like solar and wind.

People who are just starting to realize that the planet might be in peril, in fact it is, next ask, “well who is telling the story about nuclear energy and doing something about it?”

As it turns out there are a lot of people who are doing just that. To that end here is a short list, not meant to be all inclusive, provided for your use so that you have a place to start. This list is intended to be a starting point of organizations which have a demonstrated track record of doing useful work and are accessible via their websites.

Depending on your preferred method of getting involved in the issue, here is a list of places to begin. This isn’t a complete list but you don’t need a “complete” list. You just need a jumping off point. All of them have value. The important thing is to get started.

The brief list here is divided into four general groups which are more or less arbitrary and there is no small amount of overlap among them in terms of what each one of them does. The names of the groups are more or less self-explanatory. Also, all of these groups use English as their primary language.

So what do these groups do?

  • Some provide information to elected officials, lobby legislative bodies, and seek commitments from governments and business to develop new nuclear power plants and technologies and to extend the lives of the ones we already have.
  • Some groups are thought and opinion leaders, but don’t lobby, but their influence is widely felt.
  • At the grass roots level some groups knock on doors, hand out information packets, and urge people to get involved in the issue.

Included below is the name of each organization, a link to its home page, and a brief statement of purpose from the group’s web site. Note that some of the “about” statements are edited for space.

Large Non-governmental Organizations

  • Fission

American Nuclear Society – The American Nuclear Society is a professional organization of engineers and scientists devoted to peaceful and beneficial applications of nuclear science and technology. Its members come from diverse technical backgrounds covering the full range of engineering disciplines as well as the physical and biological sciences within the nuclear field.

Nuclear Energy Institute – The Nuclear Energy Institute is the policy organization of the nuclear technologies industry based in Washington, D.C. NEI has hundreds of members and, with their involvement, develops policy on key national legislative and regulatory issues affecting the industry. NEI’s focus is definitely the voice of large nuclear utilities inside the DC Beltway with a focus on congress and federal agencies. The website has lots of useful information representing the nuclear industry’s views on legislation, policy, program, and regulatory developments in DC.

Nuclear Matters –  Nuclear Matters is a national coalition that works to inform the public and policymakers via the major news media in the U.S. about the clear benefits of nuclear energy. The coalition supports solutions that properly value nuclear energy as a reliable, affordable, safe and carbon-free electricity resource that is essential to America’s energy future. Membership is free and there are occasional email blasts with advocacy information.

U.S. Nuclear Infrastructure Council – The United States Nuclear Industry Council (USNIC) is a U.S. business consortium advocate for nuclear energy and promotion of the American supply chain globally. Composed of over 80 firms, USNIC represents the “Who’s Who” of the nuclear supply chain community, including key utility movers, technology developers, construction engineers, manufacturers and service providers.

United Coalition for Advanced Nuclear Power – Pursuing clean, safe, reliable, and resilient energy of small & micro nuclear reactors for government and commercial use.  Educate, promote, and advocate policies to accelerate the development and use of advanced S/MNRs to meet global electricity demands, space energy and propulsion requirements, and environmental and safety standards for government, military, and commercial applications. Focus is on DOD and DOE SMRs and micro reactors.

Canadian Nuclear Association – The Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) is a non-profit organization to represent the nuclear industry in Canada and promote the development and growth of nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes.

Nucleareurope – (the European Atomic Forum) is the Brussels-based trade association for the nuclear energy industry in Europe. Its main purpose is to promote the use of nuclear power in Europe. The membership of Nuclereurope (Foratom) made up of 15 national nuclear associations representing nearly 3,000 firms.

European Nuclear Society – ENS is a Learned Society that brings nuclear societies and professionals in Europe together, allowing them to exchange knowledge and experience about nuclear science and technology. ENS promotes the development of nuclear science and technology and the understanding of peaceful nuclear applications. Founded in 1975, ENS is the largest society for nuclear science, research and industry in Europe.

The Society’s membership includes national nuclear societies from 20 countries in Europe plus Israel. Another crucial component of that membership are its Corporate Members, representing key stakeholders which are partners for nuclear technology and research in Europe.

Nuclear for Climate – Nuclear for Climate is a grassroots initiative co-founded in 2015 after the COP21 conference in Paris. It gathers over 150 industry and nonprofit associations, professionals, scientists and volunteers, mostly in the UK and Europe, with the goal of educating policymakers and the public about nuclear energy and defending its use for those cases where it can be helpful as one of the solutions as a carbon-free energy for the energy transition and to mitigate climate change.

  • Fusion

Fusion Innovation Association – The Fusion Industry Association (FIA), based in Washington, DC, is the unified voice of the fusion industry, working to transform the energy system with commercially viable fusion power. It was founded in 2018. The FIA is a collaborative effort, combining scientific, political, government, and media expertise to support its member companies.

US Fusion Energy – The U.S. Fusion Energy website was launched by The U.S. Fusion Outreach Team and produced in collaboration with our committee of fusion industry stakeholders. Read the latest news, find upcoming events, search for opportunities and jobs, meet the people behind the science, and get the background information you need to understand the language of fusion energy.

Think Tanks for Policy & Programs, Thought / Opinion Leaders

Breakthrough Institute – Since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan and Fukushima nuclear accident, Breakthrough’s energy work has focused heavily on the future of nuclear energy. Along with a growing cohort of scientists, journalists, philanthropists, and environmentalists, we have made the case that addressing climate change will require abundant, cheap, safe, and reliable nuclear energy. Toward that end, Breakthrough has been a leading advocate for innovation in advanced nuclear designs and business models. The group publishes multiple energy and climate related newsletters.

Clean Air Task Force – CATF aims to make nuclear energy a viable option for decarbonizing the world energy system at needed scale and speed. We catalyze private sector and government activity to lower the cost and deployment speed of current nuclear technology.

Fastest Path to Zero Initiative – We are an interdisciplinary team of experts, including University of Michigan staff and students, working to support communities as they plan and pursue ambitious climate goals. We offer a variety of tools to help communities transform their energy systems while adapting to a changing climate. Our tool belt includes big data analytics combined with a passion for human-centered design and engagement. We specialize in working at the intersection of NGOs and academia.

Good Energy Collective – Good Energy Collective is a policy research organization. We’re building the progressive case for nuclear energy as an essential part of the broader climate change agenda. We develop smart policies at every scale to accelerate the just and equitable deployment of advanced nuclear technologies. Our research is rooted in social science and champions a whole-of-government approach, so that communities can go from ideas, to development, to thoughtful and effective deployment faster and more efficiently.

Partnership for Global Security – The Partnership for Global Security (PGS) is a recognized international leader and innovator in the nuclear and transnational security policy area. It provides actionable responses to 21st century security challenges by engaging international, private sector, and multidisciplinary expert partners to assess policy needs, identify effective strategies, and drive demonstrable results. PGS publishes a free biweekly newsletter which is a good place to start keeping tabs on the industry on a global level.

Third Way – Advanced Nuclear Energy Programs – Our team designs and advocates for policies that will drive innovation and deployment of clean energy technologies, and deliver the emissions cuts we need to win the fight against climate change. The more low-carbon options we have to work with, the better our chances of success.

Nuclear Innovation Alliance – The NIA’s mission is to bring economically competitive zero-carbon energy to the world by supporting entrepreneurialism and accelerated innovation and commercialization of advanced nuclear energy systems. Through policy analysis, research, and education, we are catalyzing the next era of nuclear power. The group has a long list of useful reports with a focus on advanced nuclear reactors.

Grass Roots and Open Source Activism

Californians for Green Nuclear Power – Californians for Green Nuclear Power, Inc. is dedicated to promoting the peaceful use of safe, carbon-free nuclear power, and to keeping Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant open, so it can continue in its important role of generating clean energy for the benefit of California’s economy.

Campaign for a Green Nuclear Deal – Campaign for a Green Nuclear Deal is a national advocacy effort working to grow the share of U.S. electricity from nuclear to 50% by 2050.

Climate Coalition  – We are working to educate people about the need for all types of zero-carbon energy generation—including nuclear energy—if we are going to clean up our energy streams, eliminate new carbon emissions, and clean up what has already been unleashed on our climate.

Environmental Progress – Environmental Progress (EP) is a research and policy organization fighting for clean power and energy justice to achieve nature and prosperity for all.

Thorium Energy Alliance – We are a nonprofit group composed of engineers, scientists, and concerned citizens interested  in creating a working Thorium powered reactor. It is one of T.E.A.s goals to restart a Homogeneous Fuels Research Reactor program and commercialize the Molten Salt Reactor and the supply chain infrastructure behind it.

Energy Impact Center (EIC) –  EIC is committed to finding accelerated open source pathways to decarbonize the global economy by 2040. OPEN100 offers developers around the world a design approach that has three ingredients for a successful nuclear reactor project: engineering schematics, construction schedule, and detailed economic analysis.

The OPEN100 project has a design approach for a pressurized water reactor (PWR) power plant that is sized at 100MW output. It says the PWR will rely on existing supply chains which will help keep costs under control. If when you were 12 you wanted to build a nuclear reactor from an erector set, this is a place for you.

Canadians for Nuclear Energy  A grassroots group of environmentalists, health & labor activists who support nuclear energy for a stable climate, clean air & good jobs based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada See also Pickering Nuclear Generating Station

Social Media Influencers

Generation Atomic – Our Mission: To energize and empower today’s generations to advocate for a nuclear future. Gen A works to cultivate relationships with business leaders, pro-nuclear donors, and grassroots advocates. By engaging stakeholders at all levels, Gen A is working together with many partners to create a loud, effective, and sustainable pro-nuclear constituency.

Emergency ReactorZion Lights  based in the UK. . . We are climate activists who care about the future of our planet and evidence-based solutions. We follow the science about nuclear energy. We need to have a serious conversation. We are losing the battle to address the climate emergency. France virtually decarbonized their electric grid in just 12 years using 70s era nuclear technology. We can choose to do the same, and save the planet within the next decade.

Isodope – Isabelle Boemeke is a Brazilian model who has become renowned in the nuclear industry as the world’s first nuclear energy influencer. Her TikTok and Instagram content are creative and eclectic and also clearly aimed for millennials and GenZ. This is an audience that most nuclear spokespeople are currently not communicating to. TED Talk

Special Interest Groups

Mothers for Nuclear – We are mothers who used to be skeptical about nuclear energy, but now believe it is essential to protect our children from pollution, our landscapes from sprawl, and future generations from global warming.

North American Young Generation in Nuclear – Our Vision – Developing leaders to energize the future of nuclear. Our Mission – NAYGN provides opportunities for a young generation of nuclear enthusiasts to develop leadership and professional skills, create life-long connections, engage and inform the public, and inspire today’s nuclear technology professionals to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Women in Nuclear – Positioning the United States for the future of nuclear energy and technology through the advancement of women. Create professional development and networking opportunities for career advancement. Enhance understanding and awareness of the value of nuclear energy and technology.

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