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Away for a while

Blog will be dark for a week or two while I take some personal time. Posts should resume in April

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Nuclear fuel news at TVA

The utility announced it will load fuel at Watts Bar II in March 2015, and it awarded a $250 million contract to Areva to provide nine fuel loads at Browns Ferry TVA has set March 2015 as the date it … Continue reading

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New nuclear builds – news roundup

Building a first of a kind nuclear reactor comes with “known unknowns” Note to readers: This blog post is the first in an occasional, and irregular, series of news briefs about developments in the nuclear energy field.  Tennessee The Tennessean … Continue reading

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NRC to Spent Nuclear Fuel: Stay Put for Now

After a two-year struggle, the regulatory agency accepts reality and tells nuclear utilities they can store it above ground indefinitely In a unanimous vote on August 26, 2014, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission lifted a two-year ban on licensing new … Continue reading

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