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Poland Sets Plans for Nuclear Energy

Poland Takes Yet Another Run at Nuclear Energy Other Nuclear News Saskatchewan Considering SMRs to Replace coal power plants by 2030 NuScale Power and Enfission Agree to Work on Advanced Nuclear Fuels China’s CNNC Achieve Mass Production of Hualong One … Continue reading

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South Korea Seeks New Deals in the Global Reactor Market

KEPCO and KHNP succeeded in completing the process of a design review at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission for their 1400 MW PWR. It’s not clear that there is a market for the design in America, or even the slice … Continue reading

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EBR-I Lives Again in LEGO

A research scientist at the Idaho National Laboratory has developed a complete representation in LEGO [tm] of the Experimental Breeder Reactor I which at the Idaho site in 1951 was one of the first nuclear reactors to generate electrical power. … Continue reading

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Advanced Nuclear Fuels Open Doors to New Applications

New Fuels for Old UK Generates Electricity from Americium. Plans Use for Deep Space Missions Russia’s TVEL Announces New Nuclear Fuel Types and Customers X-energy Partners with Nuclear Fuel Industries on Future TRISO Fuel Production Other Nuclear News NuScale and … Continue reading

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Delays in Startup of 1st UAE Nuclear Reactor Linked to Problems with South Korean Firms Building all Four Units

Delays in the startup of the first of four South Korean 1400 MW PWR type nuclear reactors being built for the Emirates Nuclear Energy Program in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have cascaded forward affecting the next three due to … Continue reading

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Key Questions for Developers of Small Modular Reactors

Despite the tremendous levels of excitement and publicity for development of small modular reactors (SMRs), many questions remain unanswered about the success factors for bringing them to market. For competitive reasons, some firms will keep the answers to themselves, but … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Saudi Research Reactor; Justified or Not?

There’s been lots of excitement and alarms among the cable news chatterboxes, but what is the real story about it? Saudi Arabia is reported to be nearing completion of a research reactor. It’s a light water research reactor. It has … Continue reading

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