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TerraPower to Leave China, but Bill Gates is Still in the Game

Billionaire Bill Gates took one step back and put one foot forward this week. He announced that TerraPower, the firm in which he is a major investor, will pull out of its plan to build a prototype of its Traveling … Continue reading

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2018 Retrospective: Top 12 Posts Based on Reader Interest

It is a temptation for publishers of blogs to offer their views on what constitutes the big stories of the year. The model is the endless stream of talking heads on cable news networks doing the same thing. This blog … Continue reading

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Congress Passes an Ambitious Plan for Nuclear Energy R&D

Congress passed and the president has signed into law in late September the Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act of 2017. Also, this month it passed the Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act The legislation has an ambitious agenda and its … Continue reading

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EDF’s Flagship EPR Enters Revenue Service in Taishan

The first Areva/EDF European Pressurized reactor (EPR), a 1650MW commercial plant, is now in revenue service in Taishan, China, located about 136Km west of Hong Kong. Power was sent to the grid this week following extensive testing. World Nuclear News … Continue reading

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China General Nuclear Offers to Speed Up Bradwell

With Toshiba’s decision to abandon the Moorside project (three Westinghouse 1150 MW AP1000s) and no clear successor in place, the new UK based CEO of the CGN operation is offering to close the gap in the UK nuclear new build … Continue reading

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Will France Fry Its Nuclear Future for Short-Term Political Gain?

French President Macron announced a plan this week to execute a “cautious reduction” of its nuclear fleet. Despite the promises of Green Party politicians for more a more aggressive schedule, only the Fessenheim nuclear station, built in 1978, is actually … Continue reading

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No Progress in 123 Agreement Negotiations with KSA

The New York Times reports 11/23/18 that U.S. talks with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) remain stalemated over the issue of domestic enrichment of uranium to make nuclear fuel. Nonproliferation experts are cited in the newspaper’s report saying that … Continue reading

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