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DOE Releases EIS for Advanced Nuclear Fuels Work at INL

The Department of Energy (DOE) has taken the next step in a daisy chain of policy and administrative actions needed to support efforts by U.S. companies to develop and deploy new reactor technologies and to have access to advanced uranium-based … Continue reading

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Puerto Rico Group Seeks SMRs for Island Electric Power

Puerto Rican Engineers and US Executives Explore Opportunities for Small Modular Reactors to Reinvent Puerto Rico’s Energy Infrastructure The Nuclear Alternative Project, a volunteer-based organization composed of University of Puerto Rico alumni, in partnership with the United Nuclear Industry Alliance … Continue reading

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New Fire Movie about Nuclear Entrepreneurs Released

After playing at a series of prestigious film festivals, the movie New Fire about the development of innovative nuclear reactor technologies by multiple independent teams is now in general release online.  ( Trailer ) Online venues now include iTunes, Google … Continue reading

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INL’s Rita Baranwal Nominated to be DOE A/Sec of Nuclear Energy

The post, which has been vacant for almost two years, will be filled by a superbly qualified nuclear technology manager The Idaho Falls Post Register reported this week that Rita Baranwal, the head of the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in … Continue reading

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DOD Seeks SMRs for Tactical Readiness at Military Bases

A Big Move Toward Small: Micro-reactors and the Pentagon The Problem: U.S. military bases in this country and on foreign soil face a unique challenge – the need for 100% uninterrupted access to a working electrical grid.  In order to … Continue reading

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Transatomic Folds Its Tent ~ Its Leagcy May Live On

One of the first entrepreneurial startups in the complex field of designing new nuclear reactors, founded in 2011, has called it quits. The firm faced twin challenges of a long development time and an uncertain degree of competitive technology advantage … Continue reading

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Perry in Tough Talks with KSA Over Terms for 123 Agreement

U.S. anchors on nonproliferation goals in talks over exports of nuclear energy technologies to Saudi Arabia Getting to “yes” appears to be still a long ways off  in the ongoing negotiations between the U.S. and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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