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UK Gov’t push for SMRs hits Brexit and looming skills crisis

A renewed push by the UK government to plan to meet the nation’s energy needs with small modular reactors is facing two enormous challenges. The so-called SMR competition never awarded any of the $250M{L} in development money due to the … Continue reading

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China to deploy floating nuclear power plants to support geopolitical goals in S. E. Asia

The nation has been building a series of artificial islands in the South China sea as a means of projecting military power in the region. The islands need power and potable water which could be supplied by the floating reactors. … Continue reading

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Does the U.S. Nuclear Industry Have a Future?

Maybe not given the the cancellation of the V C Summer Plant and the bankruptcy of Westinghouse There is a strong likelihood that future plans by U.S. electric utilities to build full size nuclear reactors are now being put on … Continue reading

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India Commits to Fast Reactor Fuel Cycle Facility for U-233

The scope of work includes the construction of a fast breeder reactor fuel processing plant.  The plant will use plutonium produced in PHWR reactors as well as from PWR reactors to breed U-233 from thorium. (WNN) India’s Indira Ghandi Centre … Continue reading

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NASA starts work on nuclear propulsion systems to get to Mars

A nuclear thermal rocket has double the propulsion efficiency of the Space Shuttle main engine, one of the hardest-working standard chemical engines of the past 40 years. That capability makes nuclear thermal propulsion ideal for delivering large, automated payloads to … Continue reading

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Utilities Pull the Plug on AP1000s at V C Summer

Massive cost over runs and the Westinghouse bankruptcy doomed the project. Record low natural gas prices and flat demand for electricity contributed to the decision Santee Cooper refused to go along with a plan to complete just one of the … Continue reading

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Study finds advanced reactors will have competitive costs

It uses extensive data from eight leading innovators with products under development It merged “apples & oranges data sets” to draw comparisons Washington, DC – A new study of contemporary nuclear industry cost projections, previously unavailable to the public, provides … Continue reading

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