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Incentives needed to jump start the SMR industry in US

Reforms Are Called for to Support Development of Small Modular Reactors The Nuclear Innovation Alliance recommends targeted incentives to accelerate technology development and deployment The Nuclear Innovation Alliance (NIA) has released recommendations to support the development and commercialization of small … Continue reading

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Czech Republic Near Kickoff of Tenders for 5 Nuclear Reactors

CEZ, the state-owned nuclear power utility, has offered and withdrawn tenders for new reactors twice in the past decade. This history isn’t stopping vendors from expressing interest in the newest round. If you want to know how the major nuclear … Continue reading

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SMR Supply Chains, Costs, are Focus of Key Developments

Small modular reactors won’t be able to compete with natural gas plants combined with renewables unless and until they get enough orders to justify building factories to manufacture them in a mass production environment. Holtec Opens SMR Manufacturing Center in … Continue reading

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Meet & Greet at ANS Winter Meeting in DC 10/29-31

Readers of this blog are invited to meet the publisher to share their likes, ideas, comments, and views on what this blog should cover in the coming year. The Winter Meeting of the American Nuclear Society takes place in Washington, … Continue reading

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Making case for nuclear power in new book ‘Seeing the Light’

Nuclear power is not merely an energy option for the future, geoscientist Scott L. Montgomery writes in his new book, it is a life-saving and essential way for the world to provide energy and avoid “carbon and climate failure.” In … Continue reading

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Saudia Arabia Plans Nuclear Energy RFI for 2.8 GWe

The plan is for a modest 2.8 Gwe of power far smaller than the 16 GWe reported in 2014. Details revealed by Newsweek about former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn’s untimely efforts to secure nuclear energy deals in Saudi Arabia … Continue reading

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Japan May Set Target of 20% Nuclear Share By 2030

(NucNet): Japan’s policy-setting Atomic Energy Commission has called for nuclear power to remain a key component of the nation’s energy supply, recommending in a report that nuclear power account for at least 20% of Japan’s energy supply in 2030. Before … Continue reading

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