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NeutronBytes Podcast at Energy Central

Energy Central has kicked off their new podcast series. I have the privilege of being the first one guest on the show, coming out of the starting blocks, to do one with them on all things nuclear energy. It’s about … Continue reading

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TerraPower CEO Interview: How the Firm has Transformed Itself into a Nuclear Science Innovation Hub

In just a few years TerraPower has transformed itself from developing a single advanced reactor design to become a dynamic hub of innovation in multiple areas of nuclear science. It’s part of a drive to be a thought leader for … Continue reading

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Battelle Energy Alliance / INL Seeks Partners for Versatile Test Reactor

Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC announced this week a a request for expressions of interest in a partnership opportunity for the development and deployment at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) of a new U.S. Department of Energy facility for fast neutron … Continue reading

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X-Energy Signs on with Jordan for Four 75 MWe HTGR

Jordan and X-energy Agree to Accelerate Work to Deploy a 300 MWe Nuclear Power Plant According to a statement released by X-Energy on November 15, 2019, ¬†Jordan and X-Energy have moved to the second stage of their relationships by signing … Continue reading

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Dan’s Idaho Nuclear Chili Recipe

This is a Thanksgiving tradition now published for the 12th year in a row here and¬† previously at my former blog Idaho Samizdat (2007-2012) In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and wanting to take a break from reading, thinking, and writing … Continue reading

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Rolls Royce Reveals 440 MW Commercial Reactor Design

Rolls Royce Consortium Plans SMR Units For Existing UK Sites The firm says that once it has orders for at least five of them, it can deliver each unit for about $2.2 billion. It has plans to build a fleet … Continue reading

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Be an Advocate for Nuclear Energy ~ Here’s Where to Start

Don’t just sit there – do something! The pressing issues of climate change and the need to decarbonize our highly technological societies have led to many people toward thinking that the CO2 emission free nature of nuclear power is one … Continue reading

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