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India’s PM Modi seeks changes to nuclear liability law

The measure is strangling both domestic and global investment for India’s nuclear energy program. The nation’s plan to build 63 Gwe of nuclear power generating capacity is stalled out. Modi proposes fixed liability and an insurance pool to bring nuclear … Continue reading

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India faces decision to change nuclear liability law ahead of Obama visit

The draconian provisions of the act, which affect component suppliers long after their products are installed in operating reactors, has excluded U.S. firms from India’s nuclear market. It has stalled development of India’s nuclear power sector. The nation’s political establishment … Continue reading

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India’s nuclear liability law is still its final answer

The U.S. and France want an amendment to the law’s draconian requirements, but Russia appears to have gotten a “get out jail free” card and China just doesn’t care. In 2008 the U.S. supported a move by India to be … Continue reading

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