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Bounces and blips in European nuclear investment plans

The outlook for the future of nuclear energy in Europe depends on what country you are in, and sometimes, which government is in power. It is hard to blame nuclear reactor vendors for being both bullish and skeptical about the … Continue reading

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Areva’s financial crisis gets worse. Is Hinkley Point at risk?

The financial future of the French state-owned nuclear giant has become less certain and some worry it may threaten the viability of the UK’s Hinkley Point 3200 MW new nuclear build. Just four months after sharply dropping its financial projections … Continue reading

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What’s up with France over Nuclear?

The state owned nuclear giant Areva stayed out of hot water with investors. EDF got a major boost with the European Union’s approval of a massive new 3.2 Gwe nuclear reactor complex at Hinkley Point in the U.K. The lower … Continue reading

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