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France Calls It Quits on Sodium Cooled Fast Reactor

Astrid Project / France drops plans to build Generation IV prototype Of the 10 sodium cooled reactors in the IAEA ARIS DBMS, three of them are in the U.S. and all are under development TerraPower and ARC Nuclear are briefly … Continue reading

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South Korea Earns NRC Design Certification for 1400MW PWR

A South Korean light water reactor (LWR) has earned a design certification from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co. (KHNP) which is a state-run nuclear power operator, said the certification is a first for a non-U.S.-made … Continue reading

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A Very Brief History of Nuclear Fission Reactor Powered Rocket Engines in Space – Guest OP ED

Note to Readers – Dr. Martin H. Goodman is a physician, scientist, environmentalist and a pro-nuclear advocate. He wrote this guest OP ED at the request of Neutron Bytes after he submitted this column as a long comment. It was … Continue reading

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NASA Gets Support for Nuclear Proplusion Systems in Space

Geek Wire, a Seattle, WA, online technology focused wire service, reports that the latest meeting of the National Space Council provided a forum to build support for NASA’s twin-focus plan to send astronauts to the moon in preparation for trips … Continue reading

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Japan Losing Ground on Nuclear Reactor Restarts

Japan’s TEPCO Calls It Quits for Five Reactors at its Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Station (Wire Services) Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) said last week it will submit a plan regarding the decommissioning of five reactors at its Kashiwazaki-Kariwa nuclear station, the world’s … Continue reading

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Idaho National Lab Gets DOE Charter for Test and Demonstration of Advanced Reactors

In the late 1940s the federal government established the National Reactor Testing Station (NRTS) at a site on the dusty volcanic plain of the Arco desert about 50 miles west of Idaho Falls, ID. Now some 70 years later the … Continue reading

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Progress Made for New Reactors in Japan, U.S., and a Door Opens in Australia

Four Japanese firms are in talks to combine their efforts to restart construction of a new reactor at the Higashidori plant, which is the first of two planned 1385 MWe ABWRs U.S. announces the start of an environmental impact statement … Continue reading

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