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White House May Relax 123 Rules for Westinghouse Saudi Nuclear Deal

The U.S. government is pursuing an effort to promote the sale of Westinghouse 1150 MW AP1000 nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia. Section 123 of the Atomic Energy Act requires a bilateral agreement with any country that wants U.S. nuclear technology … Continue reading

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Flynn’s Saudi Nuclear Deal; What do we know so far?

Michael Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and briefly, the National Security Adviser to the President, is reported from 2015-2017 to have been engaged in an effort to sell 16 nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia. The … Continue reading

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Major SMR Funding Opportunities Open Up in the US and UK

U.S. Department of Energy releases $30 million funding opportunity for advanced nuclear technologies including SMRs using LWR and fast reactor designs U.K. releases £100m for SMRs in a drive to make that nation a leader in this technology U.S. Secretary … Continue reading

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ThorCon’s Nuclear MSR Design Gains Momentum

Fall 2017 has been a watershed of progress for ThorCon, a startup developing liquid fuel fission power plants. The company is working to implement its molten salt reactor (MSR) technology first in Indonesia. The Argonne National Lab has teamed up … Continue reading

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UK to Boost Investment in New Nuclear Projects and SMRs

The government has announced funding for small modular reactors. South Korea will partner with a UK nuclear firm to rescue the Moorside Project The Financial Times reports that UK ministers will this week renew their support for nuclear power with … Continue reading

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Looking Ahead to 2018 for Nuclear Energy

Each year this blog looks ahead to issues it will follow in the coming 12 months. What this look into the future does is to provide some check marks on the page of news about nuclear energy to return to … Continue reading

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Dan’s Idaho Nuclear Chili for 2017

This is a Thanksgiving tradition now published for the 10th year in a row here and at my previous blog Idaho Samizdat In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and wanting to take a break from reading, thinking, and writing about nuclear … Continue reading

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