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GE-Hitachi to Offer 300 MW SMR

Design work is underway to downsize the 1500 MW ESBWR to a 300 MW model to be called the BWRX300. As yet no date has been set for submitting it for design safety review at the NRC. (Update 5/20/18) Dominion … Continue reading

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New Book on the Future of Nuclear Power in China

Nuclear energy expert Mark Hibbs has published a new book which gives a comprehensive view of China’s efforts to develop its commercial nuclear energy program including work on light water and advanced reactors. The Canadian National Laboratory has signed an … Continue reading

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A Reader on Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear Energy Program

There are a lot of media reports about Saudi Arabia’s plans to build 16 nuclear reactors by 2030 and whether Westinghouse will get any of the business. Every time I read this line in the mainstream news media it makes … Continue reading

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Advocacy to Keep US Nuclear Reactors Open Picks Up Steam

It has begun to dawn on people who advocate energy policy, and who report and analyze it, that closing nuclear power plants, due mostly to low natural gas prices, is a bad idea when it comes to dealing with global … Continue reading

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Japan’s Plans for Nuclear Exports Hit Speed Bumps

Hitachi seeks to reduce equity stake in UK nuclear project by 50% Soaring costs for Turkey’s Sinop project cause a key investor to pull out Japan’s best chances for new nuclear reactor projects may be at home (Two updates, below, … Continue reading

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NASA Space Missions to Get a Boost from Nuclear Energy

The Space agency just completed a series of successful demonstration tests of the Kilopower nuclear power system that will be an essential part of future missions to the Moon and Mars. NASA authorizes the use of PU-238 as a power … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia and the Gold Standard in a 123 Agreement

Opinion – My view is that the whole posture of KSA on enrichment is to get the US to keep the Iran deal so that it doesn’t have to spend $ billions on a uranium enrichment program it can’t afford, … Continue reading

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