Announcement about the Neutron Bytes Twitter Feed

mad hatterDue to the escalating chaos taking place on Twitter the blog’s Twitter account  of @djysrv is going on hiatus.  I will no longer post my Tweets there which, in addition to their purpose of informing readers, also serve to support advertising revenue for a mad hatter.

The news about the digital train wreck at Twitter is obvious to anyone. The site’s descent into overt sponsorship of hate speech and fringe groups, political and social  disinformation, and the actions of banning of mainstream journalists at NYT, WPost, CNN, and others, for just doing their jobs, is unacceptable.

Image:  The Mad Hatter, illustration by John Tenniel (1840-1914)

Message to Twitter’s Advertisers

As Elon Musk takes even more bizarre actions on an almost daily basis, which appear to fly in the face of the interests of his investors in the $44 billion acquisition, the authoritarian nature of his politics are becoming increasingly clear. This type of content is not something any responsible advertiser in a free country should be associated with by committing to pay for sponsored Tweets on the platform.

The technology site the Verge put it succinctly in a column titled, “Welcome to Hell Elon. You Break It, You Buy It.”

There is no safety for brands in terms of customer perceptions of companies that advertise their products and services alongside Tweets from wing nuts, haters, and people with off-the-charts, conspiracy- driven agendas.

What’s Next for this Blog?

mailboxIn order to continue the purpose of this blog to bring readers factual information about the global commercial nuclear energy industry, I am taking the following actions to keep readers informed about the latest developments.

NeutronBytes is Now on Mastodon
The usual news items that were posted on Twitter are now being posted there. There will be fewer new posts on Mastodon because it is not a substitute for Twitter. Also, as this blog is hosted by WordPress, each new post to the blog will be supported by the automated message about it on Twitter. Otherwise, all other posts will be on Mastodon. <a rel=”me” href=””>Mastodon</a&gt;

Free Mailing List

Readers can sign up for a free mailing list of nuclear news headlines at  The site also supports an RSS feed. The mailing list and RSS feed are managed by WordPress.

The dialog box to sign up for the mailing list is in the upper right hand corner of the main page. The RSS link is mid page in the right hand column.

More News on the Blog

reporter2The frequency of posts to this blog will increase with one or two new weekly summaries of nuclear news headlines and breaking news. Generally, the blog is updated at the start of each calendar week.

Links to Free News Sources About Nuclear Energy

For information on a wide variety of free news sources of nuclear energy news, see the NeutronBytes Nuclear Energy Reading List

I wish these actions were not necessary. The tailspin into darkness at Twitter has made it otherwise.

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About djysrv

Dan Yurman ~ The Twitter feed is a hiatus due to the turmoil on that platform. The news feed of nuclear energy headlines can be found on Mastodon at: ~ About this blog and disclaimers for NeutronBytes ~ ~ Contact Me ~ neutronbytes [at] gmail [dot] com ~ Text via Signal 216-218-3823 ~ I am NOT active on Facebook, Reddit or Instagram. Attempt no landings there. ** Header Image Credit: ~ ** Emails sent by readers about blog posts are considered to be comments for publication unless otherwise noted. ** The content of this blog is protected by copyright laws of the U.S. "Fair use" provisions apply. The RSS feed is for personal use only unless otherwise explicitly granted.
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  1. Brian Nichols says:

    I know you will get some flake for this, but you are doing the right thing. Twitter has become a huge cesspool and it’s going to get worse before it gets better or totally collapses.


  2. C pragman says:

    If you join mastodon, I will follow you over there


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