One Million Page Readers Milestone

tec logo2Readers of this blog are in good company. As some readers know, this blog is syndicated at Energy Central in the Energy & Sustainability Network / Energy Collective.

In October 2018 the Energy Collective (TEC) began publishing statistics of the number of readers / pageviews for each of its contributors as well as for each of their posts.

I am pleased to report that as of 09/13/21 the syndicated content at the Energy Collective passed the one million page views milestone. This statistic is an affirmation that there is strong interest in the application of nuclear energy to decarbonization strategies worldwide.

The reason I comment on the global impact of this blog is based on its global readership. While 45% of all readers are from the U.S., the following countries represent about 35% of all other readers outside the U.S..  In rough order of magnitude the countries are; Canada, U.K., India, Germany, Sweden, Australia, France, South Africa, Japan, China, and Finland.  Another 50+ countries represent the other 20% of readers.


Readers coming directly to this blog and from social media platforms, since 2015, run between 80,000 to 90,000 a year. The blog is also syndicated at Nuclear Street, and selected blog posts have been published at NucNet. Between 2010 and 2019 selected posts also were published at the American Nuclear Society blog – ANS Nuclear Cafe.

This blog is independent of any corporate or consulting sponsorship. It has been online in this form, and in a prior incarnation as Idaho Samizdat, since 2007. I plan to continue to publish it.

I would like to mention with gratitude the support over the years from Energy Central key personnel; Audra Drazga, Matt Chester, and Rachel Lewis as well as their development team. None of this would have happened without their work at Energy Central.

I know there are lots of places online to read about news about developments in the global nuclear industry. Thank you all for your interest and support for reading about it here and at the Energy Collective.

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