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podcast imageEnergy Central has kicked off their new podcast series. I have the privilege of being the first one guest on the show, coming out of the starting blocks, to do one with them on all things nuclear energy.

It’s about 20 min long. Give a listen and let me know what you think. (SoundCloud here, lots of other links are listed below)

Energy Central (EC) is thrilled to announce that they’re finally getting into the podcast arena with its inaugural podcast series Energy Central Insights™ Podcast

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For any of you who have spent time around the Energy Central platform, you’re likely already familiar with my work in that community.  Diving into the first episode, EC welcomes your blogger/publisher and EC community member  EC profile .

In this podcast I share insights on nuclear power and the wider energy sector through this blog NeutronBytes, and related Twitter feed @djysrv.

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The inside joke is that the Union Pacific railhead that comes up to the Idaho lab from Blackfoot is called the “Scoville” spur.

While any number of my posts could be worth discussing, Energy Central pulled me into this episode thanks to my annual posting of “Dan’s Idaho Nuclear Chili Recipe.”

Who could have known after all these blog posts over 12 years about nuclear energy, that it would be foodies that would tag the blog for its value to the world of Internet publishing.

Born on the Idaho Arco desert, the Idaho nuclear chili recipe has been posted annually at Thanksgiving  for the past 12 years with this tag line.

By Sunday night you will be stuffed, fed up, literally, and figuratively, with turkey. Instead of food fit for pilgrims, try food invented to be eaten in the wide open west — chili.

Cook this dish on Saturday. Eat it on Sunday over a hot potato with shredded cheddar cheese as a garnish. Take it to work for lunch on Monday. 

Listen at any of the links below hear the full story, which is all about nuclear energy and a lot less about chili, and hear a perspective on the role nuclear plays today in different areas across the globe and how that role will change moving forward.

Where to Listen to the Podcast

All new episodes of the Energy Central Insights™ Podcast will be posted to the relevant Energy Central community group, but you can also subscribe to the podcast at all the major podcast outlets, including:

About Energy Central’s Podcast

With this first podcast series, EC is hoping to take some of the best and most engaging content already submitted to the Energy Central community.

The goal is to bring it to life with lively conversations that allow its modertors to dig in deeper and really get to the heart of the issues that matter to utilities, energy debates, and the topics that will shape the sector moving forward.

The Energy Central Insights™ Podcast is hosted by Jason PriceCommunity Ambassador of Energy Central. Jason is a recent NYSERDA scholar and NYU Clean Tech diploma recipient, having worked extensively in a multi-owner, utility-scale microgrid business model.

Jason is joined in the podcast booth by the producer of the podcast, Matt Chester, who is also the Community Manager of Energy Central and energy analyst/independent consultant in energy policy, markets, and technology.

About Your Blogger / Publisher

Why do I write about nuclear energy?  What some of you may not know is that my career spans a course of 40 years, with stops at EPA, the Idaho National Laboratory, and NASA, among others.

I’ve also been a consulting project manager for social media.  For example, I helped launch the ANS Nuclear Cafe at the American Nuclear Society and moderated a webinar with the Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulaory Commission.

As I enter the 13th year of blogging, I think in the current era nuclear energy assumes even greater importance as a means to reduce CO2 emissions on a global scale.  I intend to keep writing.

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About djysrv

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