2019 Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp Comes to Europe – August 19-30

The Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp seeks to train students and early-career professionals in skills essential to accelerate innovation in nuclear energy through self-selected team projects.

The 2019 Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp aims at being the premier nuclear innovation contest in Europe attracting bright young people from all nationalities interested in nuclear energy. The choice of this localization should foster the participation of young Europeans.

  • Who: Students and early career professionals interested in nuclear energy
  • When: August 19-30
  • Where: OECD Nucear Energy Agency headquarters, Paris France

Associating with the French Innovatome Contest, the 2019 Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp in Paris should be a great success as these two events share the same objectives and have over the years gained visibility and recognition to spark innovation in nuclear energy among young generations.

The 25 selected participants will gain a greater understanding on various topics key to the nuclear industry while nurturing their own project. The two-week program is centered on real-world team projects, and includes expert-led sessions as well as hands-on activities to boost creativity and innovation, including:

  • Cross-cutting Needs in Nuclear Energy Systems
  • Innovations, Creativity & Product Development
  • Advanced Nuclear Technologies
  • Government, Policy, and Communications
  • Venture Fundamentals, Markets and Financing
  • Licensing and Export Control

The participants challenge is to design a company and a product that will transform the global nuclear enterprise. All projects will be presented at the end of the Bootcamp, and judged by a panel of experts from the nuclear industry.


Why apply?

​​If  you are curious and dynamic, if you would like to contribute to the future of nuclear energy and stimulate your creative thinking… You may have what it takes to be selected to participate in the 2019 Nuclear Innovation Bootcamp and perhaps even be the winner!

If you needed further encouragement, here you have five good reasons to apply:

  • Grow your knowledge through a fun and life-changing experience
  • Understand various innovation processes and tools
  • Enhance your professional network on an international level
  • Engage with innovative industries and start-ups
  • Have a chance to win a trip to Sydney in 2020 to present your project at I4N


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