Campaigning for Clean Air & Nuclear Energy

Your voice in the energy debates: Learn how to support nuclear power.

angwin book coverAward-winning author Meredith Joan Angwin guides you in your pro-nuclear advocacy, from a day when you are quietly typing at your computer to the day when you might take the microphone in front of a legislative committee.

The book contains anecdotes, examples and insights, both from the author and from many other nuclear advocates. It will inspire and support your work toward a clean energy future.

People who appreciate the environmental, financial and reliability advantages of nuclear power are often unsure about they can show their support.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How you can support nuclear energy, simply sitting at your computer
  • How to support nuclear energy in public, using the same techniques as professional speakers and communicators
  • How to speak at a public hearing, or be invited to speak to a legislative committee
  • How to deal with your own emotions, in a world saturated with anti-nuclear messages
  • How you can find other nuclear supporters, and have fun together

Campaigning for Clean Air: The book is available!

Pro-nuclear people can make important contributions to the energy debate. This book will help you make your voice heard.  Advocates appreciate the importance of nuclear power for clean air and for our planet’s future.

In this book, award-winning author Meredith Angwin guides you in your advocacy:

  • Support nuclear energy in public, using the same techniques as professional speakers and communicators
  • Speak at a public hearing or be invited to speak to a legislative committee
  • Learn how to deal with your own emotions in a world saturated with anti-nuclear messages
  • Find other nuclear supporters and have fun together.

Campaigning for Clean Air features anecdotes, examples and insights from many pro-nuclear advocates. This book will inspire your work for a clean energy future. Nuclear energy is the cleanest, safest and most compact way to make electricity.

In her book, Campaigning for Clean Air, Meredith Angwin presents clear and well-referenced reasons for supporting nuclear energy. These sections of the book are based on her years of experience in energy research and on-site problem solving.

The book includes five easy-to-read, well-referenced “white papers” on nuclear power. These papers cover:

  • Nuclear power for clean air
  • Nuclear safety (normal operations)
  • Analysis of the big accidents
  • Nuclear energy for efficient land use
  • Nuclear energy around the world

Why this book?

This book is a little different.  Campaigning for Clean Air has the subtitle: Strategies for Pro-Nuclear Advocacy. It’s about getting the pro-nuclear word out to the world.

Angwin’s fear is that with all the pro-nuclear books, pro-nuclear people will read the books and enjoy the books and then….Then what? We pro-nuclear people have to raise our voices to support nuclear power.

That is why Angwin wrote Campaigning for Clean Air.  This book is about how to support nuclear energy, with some discussion (of course) about why to support it.

As one of Angwin’s friends said: “Your book is a guidebook, a sort of how-to.”  Exactly right.  How to write a letter to the editor.  How to organize a rally.  And everything in between.

Meredith’s Technical Background

meredithangwin_photoMeredith Angwin (right) has an undergraduate (special honors) and a graduate degree in chemistry from the University of Chicago.

In her chemistry career, Meredith led research to improve power plants and energy infrastructures.  Her work included improvements and evaluations of nuclear plants, gas-fired plants, gas pipelines, geothermal power plants, hydro penstocks, coal plants, and geothermal energy.

She is inventor on several patents. Her consulting company worked with clients on corrosion control for the power industry.

What Others Are Saying

Nuclear is now gaining recognition as not only desirable but necessary in the effort to provide needed energy for the world in an environmentally responsible manner. Meredith’s book provides practical tools for nuclear advocates to ensure that our existing nuclear assets are preserved and that new nuclear power facilities are licensed. This book is a must read for anyone engaging with the public on
nuclear power issues.  — Eugene S. Grecheck, Past President, American Nuclear Society

At last—a practical, clearly voiced guidebook to approaching nuclear power. I heartily endorse Meredith Angwin’s important guidebook about how to talk about the cleanest and safest source of base-load power we have. A scientist and a communications expert, her writing is direct and natural, fl ows well, and speaks directly to how people wishing to better support nuclear power can learn to spread the word.  — Gwyneth Cravens, author of Power to Save the World: The Truth About Nuclear Energy

So many would-be pro-nuclear advocates stop before they even start, daunted by the success of the anti-nuclear movement and overwhelmed by the seemingly endless negative press about nuclear energy. Meredith’s book is the antidote to the “why bother?” mindset that has ossified the nuclear industry for decades. Her book demystifi es the advocacy process with no-nonsense advice, practical strategies, and step-by-step instructions for building an advocacy practice and achieving success. And don’t forget to share some brownies! — Andrea Jennetta, Publisher, Fuel Cycle Week

Turning enthusiasm into organized, responsible advocacy, Meredith Angwin has been on the forefront of nuclear advocacy for years and she shares her experiences and lessons learned. This is far more than a “how-to manual”; it is a life’s journey into greater understanding of how to responsibly address public concerns over nuclear power or any technically complex issue. — Dr. Dale E. Klein, Former Chairman, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Meredith Angwin’s Campaigning for Clean Air: Strategies for Pro Nuclear Advocacy brings me back to my own emergence as a nuclear advocate during the Vermont Yankee era. This book is a primer for nuclear advocacy, and a fascinating guidebook and educational tool.— Thomas P. Salmon, Governor of Vermont (1972–1977)

Meredith Angwin’s book  Campaigning for Clean Air: Strategies for Pro-Nuclear Advocacy, is now available on Amazon!  You can buy it as a Kindle, or you can buy it as a paperback.  

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