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Guest Blog Post byRod Adams and Lisa Stiles, (reposted with permission

Rod Adams received a message from Lisa Stiles, who has been an active member of the American Nuclear Society and the North American Young Generation in Nuclear. She told him about a colleague who is in a challenging situation overseas. Rod volunteered to post a guest blog from her explaining the situation. His post at Atomic Insights is republished here with permission. Please read it, help if you can, and spread the message through your own networks.

From Lisa Stiles: To my friends and colleagues dedicated to nuclear science and technology

Nate and Erin

Erin & Nate Hall

One of our own is fighting for his life and he and his family need our help. For the past year and a half, Nate Hall has worked for the UAE’s nuclear regulator as they staff up to support the country’s fast developing nuclear generation industry.

The week before last, Nate was admitted to the hospital in Abu Dhabi with an unexplained high fever. Without much warning his liver failed, then he had to be put on a respirator.

He needed a transplant, a procedure that is not available in Abu Dhabi. He was transported to Paris at which time he was put at the top of the list for a transplant. Miraculously, a perfectly matching liver became available and the transplant went well. However, he then developed a respiratory infection so they have sedated him again.

Request for Assistance – Family Lodging Needed

Nate’s dad and his wife, Erin, are in Paris with him. While the cost of Nate’s health care is taken care of, the cost for his family to be there to support him is huge.

Nate’s sister-in-law Roybn opened a gofundme page that explains the situation and requests assistance. Please visit it and consider donating through the website.

In addition, I’m wondering if we can take advantage of the fact that Nate is being treated in a city and country in which some of the largest nuclear operators, vendors, regulators and research facilities reside. One of the most difficult and costly logistical issues facing Nate’s family is long-term lodging near the hospital in Paris.

It’s been more than a decade since my last visit, but I recall that some large organizations kept corporate apartments available for employees and visitors on temporary assignments in Paris. I also knew some people that had “house-sitters” when they were away for an extended period.

If we could connect the Hall family with those types of options convenient to the hospital, I know it would relieve them of a huge burden. He is at L’hopital Paul Brousse in the neighborhood of Villeuif (map)on the #7 line.

Also, they are trying to get Nate and Erin’s dog, Effy, from Abu Dhabi back to the US to stay with their relatives. The process is expensive and complicated from a distance and Effy is currently at a kennel in Abu Dhabi.

Follow-up Contact Information

If you’re able to help, or know someone that is able to help, with lodging, transferring Effy, or any other logistics, please contact Robyn through her gofundme site or Lisa Stiles at

Nate Bio

Nate served as a US Nuclear Naval officer with distinction. Upon leaving active duty and entering the Naval Reserves, he joined Westinghouse. I met Nate when he was the lead instructor for my senior reactor operator certification class.

No other instructor cares more about the success of his trainees than Nate, and I include myself in that assessment. He is dedicated to ensuring the safety and reliability of nuclear generation, and took the challenging position in UAE to help regulators learn about systematic training models and how to accurately assess the operator’s training programs.

Our industry benefits from Nate’s talent and passion. I’ve witnessed how the people in our business come together to help each other when there is an emergency.

& & &

Thank you in advance for the generosity I know will be displayed as we help one of our own through this crisis. Best regards, Lisa Stiles

Postscript from Lisa: As we’re using many resources to blast this important request to several networks, you may see this more than once. I regret the repetition, but thought it was more important to get this out quickly than to cull membership, readers, and followers lists. Thank you for your patience!

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