ORNL Sets 2nd MSR Conference for 10/4-5; Updated

Save the dates for the next workshop on molten salt reactors

The 2016 workshop will build upon the highly msr sponsorssuccessful “50th Anniversary of the Startup of the MSRE” held last year at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). This year’s event will also be held at ORNL.  (Updated with a link to the full agenda including all speakers and topics)

ORNL will again host this second MSR workshop with the theme of “Moving MSRs Forward -The Next Steps.”

Reference: World Nuclear Association profile of Molten Salt Reactors

From the the conference web site:

We plan to have sessions on MSR related progress made in the areas of R&D, technology enhancements, and commercial developments since the 2015 workshop.

Additional topics include the status of licensing related initiatives that are being undertaken via the DOE-NRC collaborations on advanced reactors. DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy’s GAIN program is assisting in the sponsorship of this workshop.

Speakers to Highlight New MSR Developments

  • Governmental Agencies and Initiatives
  • Non-governmental Organizations
  • International Activities- China, Czech Republic, Australia
  • DOE-NE University-led Integrated Research Projects on MSRs
  • MSR Designers and Developers
  • Thermal Hydraulic Loop Operations and Materials R&D
  • Safety and Licensing
  • Special Poster Session on University MSR R&D

More Information

David E. Holcomb, Ph.D.
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division
DOE Salt Reactor National Technical Lead
DOE Instrumentation & Controls Technical Lead
Bethel Valley Road; X-10 Plant
P.O. Box 2008; Bldg. 5700
Oak Ridge, Tennessee   37831-6165
Office: +1 (865) 576-7889
Cell:  +1 (865) 898-2193
email:  HolcombDE@ornl.gov

Reference: (2015 conference presenters’ slides)

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