Updated directory of advanced nuclear reactor projects in N. America

The nuclear energy blog Neutron Bytes has updated its directory of North American advanced nuclear reactor projects with links to reactor technical specifications, where available, as well as links to recent news media coverage of each project. Several new listings have been added to the previous version.

The original list is based on a June 2015 report by the Third Way. This update is current as of May 2, 2016.

Please post in comments with new information as it becomes available.

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3 Responses to Updated directory of advanced nuclear reactor projects in N. America

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  2. Ikemeister says:

    I’m surprised to see Cambridge, ON Northern Nuclear being listed. I haven’t heard boo from them lately and the “Recent Media” points to a now three-year old ZDNET article. Is there some other information you have that indicates they remain a going concern?


    • djysrv says:

      The original research done by Sam Brinton at Third Way in June 2015 listed them as a going concern. If I don’t find something new about them at the next update, in November, I’ll probably take them off the list.


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