Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers 291

This post represents the latest link in an unbroken chain of more than five years of the weekly summaries of the best of the pro-nuclear blogs.

carnival maskWith the recent completion of the Climate Change Conference in Paris, the leveraging the nuclear energy to mitigate future growth of CO2 emissions comes even more prominently into the public eye. Want to know what’s going on? Read all about it here.

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cleanenergyAbout these bloggers

The bloggers who write the posts cited here do so because they have come to see, based on experience, that nuclear energy is a cost-effective, carbon emission free, source of electrical power which can raise the standard of living for any population which benefits from access to it.

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Carnival 291

Jim Conca – Forbes

Combatting climate change needs nuclear energy

But all good intentions aside, to limit the rise in global mean temperatures to 2°C, the global power sector will need to be virtually decarbonized by mid-century. The only way to do this is with a mix of technologies including nuclear and renewables.

Tari Marshall – ANS Nuclear Cafe

Paris Climate Change Diary

Together with ANS President Gene Grecheck, “No more silence,” that was the rallying cry of our active band of nuclear supporters at the United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change (COP21) in Paris over the past two weeks.

The conference brought together nuclear societies, environmentalists, government and young generation representatives who agreed that we need to do a better job of communicating with the public and policymakers and stop allowing anti-nuclear advocates to have the loudest voice. We took a big step with our COP presence.

Meredith Angwin – Yes Vermont Yankee

Guest Post by Guy Page on Decommissioning Advisory Panel

After the announcement that Vermont Yankee would close, a local “advisory panel on decommissioning” was founded. Various state agencies and Entergy representatives serve on the panel.

In this guest post, Guy Page urges the panel to avoid making expensive recommendations (such as continuing off-site emergency response funding) that impinge on NRC safety prerogatives and will delay real decommissioning.

Rod Adams – Atomic Insights

Attacking the “root crown” of 10 CFR 810 nuclear power plant export controls

Bottom line up front. Atomic fuel utilization facilities should not be subjected to the export control regime that is supposed to be focused on special nuclear materials production facilities.

Instead, utilization facility exports should be subjected to rules similar to those that apply to other advanced technology exports like aircraft, computers, and communications equipment.

Gail Marcus – Nuke Power Talk

At Nuke Power Talk, Gail Marcus reflects on how decisions and technologies that start out appearing to have positive benefits for society so often turn out to have unintended negative consequences. She hopes that scientists and engineers can play a role in helping anticipate such consequences in the future, but recognizes the difficulties.

Dan Yurman – Neutron Bytes

Competition heats up for SMR Manufacturing

The UK seeks to become the world’s center for export of factory built small modular nuclear reactors, but first customers have the place orders for them. The US needs to catch up if it wants to be competitive.

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