Nuclear Energy gets a flag for COP 21

Just in time for the Climate Change Conference taking place in Paris, France, a group of nuclear energy entrepreneurs and technology developers have released a design for a nuclear energy flag (below).

nuclear flag

In conjunction with the IPCC COP 21 meeting in Paris, this blog is collaborating with others to offer free use of this new flag graphic.

It may be used by all interested in promoting nuclear power technology. This graphic is designed to be used with efforts to increase worldwide aspirations for safe, clean, affordable nuclear energy. The elements of this simple design are:

  • Ellipse that has been a typical visual for the atom.
  • Earth rather than an atom nucleus the focus of the ellipse.
  • Continents on Earth abstracted as grids distributing electricity to all.
  • Starlights representing aspirations, light, and power.
  • UN blue color emphasizing world need.
  • Language independence.

The graphic could accompany meetings and talks about nuclear power, business cards, brochures, luggage tags, pins, buttons, stickers, ribbons, bumper stickers, etc.

If the graphic repeatedly appears with information about new nuclear power people will associate it with the benefits of nuclear power in more detail, and vice versa. This design is licensed CC-ND (no derivatives) to all.  Hat tip to Robert Hargraves who is also the designer.

Here is his story of how the design came into his mind.

I was traveling 2 weeks ago in Patagonia, the southern part of South America shared between Chile and Argentina. I noticed an unofficial Patagonia flag flying alongside the Chile flag.

The story goes that during a protest over proposed increases on taxes on natural gas (necessary for civilization in that cold place) the residents of Patagonian Chile simply removed the Chilean flag, leaving only the Patagonia flag. When this happened enough times, the Chile national government got nervous and did not raise taxes. Both flags now fly.

I got to thinking about the power of flags, so I designed this one for us.

Hargraves is also the author of the book – Thorium: Energy Cheaper than Coal

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  1. Alex Cannara says:

    Good flag! But, the blue needs a bit more density.


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