Civility & Safety at NRC Public Meetings

Closing the civility gap at NRC public meetings

The legitimacy of the agency and the diligence and compliance of the nuclear utilities it regulates are being challenged by people who seek to disrupt the NRC’s meetings.

ANS Nuclear News November 2015

ANS Nuclear News November 2015

As seen in the November 2015 issue of ANS Nuclear News, Pgs: 27-28 Copyright © 2015 by the American Nuclear Society. The full text of the article is now online at the ANS Nuclear Cafe.

If you prefer the full text is also available in PDF format: PDF file via Google Sites

Background for the Article

This piece comes as a result of the calamitous NRC public meeting that took place in Brattleboro, VT, last February and others like it that also took place in Vermont and in New York over Indian Point.

This is an invited article for ANS Nuclear News which resulted from an email dialog I had with ANS President Gene Grecheck in June. That said I am solely responsible for the content of the article.

I would like to acknowledge here, since there was no room to do so in the print edition, that the article benefited from information provided by others also engaged on this issue.

  • The willingness of Meredith Angwin to share with me the hair raising experience she had being confronted by one member of the protest group.
  • The work by Rod Adams to prepare a brief video segment from a much longer video record of the meeting and also his blog posts on the subject.
  • Paul Lorenzini’s letter to the NRC chairman about the hearing.
  • Comments and suggestions from Andrea Jennetta, Tamar Cerafici, Will Davis, and Leslie Corrice. My apologies if I have forgotten anyone.

Comments are welcome.

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