Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers 267

This post represents the latest link in an unbroken chain of more than five years of the weekly summaries of the best of the pro-nuclear blogs.

carnival maskWith the recent updated assessment by the IPCC of the outlook for climate change, the leveraging the nuclear energy to mitigate future growth of CO2 emissions comes even more prominently into the public eye.

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The bloggers who write the posts cited here do so because they have come to see, based on experience, that nuclear energy is a cost-effective, carbon emission free, source of electrical power which can raise the standard of living for any population which benefits from access to it. Your kind attention to these blog posts is appreciated.

Carnival 267

Les Corrice – Hiroshima Syndrome

PBS Fukushima Documentary was based on False Premises

NOVA’s documentary seems to be little more than a determined attempt to vindicate Naoto Kan’s paranoiac, antinuclear Fukushima nightmare. The documentary’s “Tokyo-at-risk” scenario is based on vacuous premises; Tokyo was never in danger of a toxic radioactive cloud, and SFP fires are nothing more than a false, antiquated assumption.

Nuke Power Talk – Gail Marcus

OECD/NEA on Human Factors

At Nuke Power Talk, Gail Marcus reports on the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency’s recent announcement that they have created a new division to focus on human factors in nuclear power, including training, safety culture and public communications.  She recounts her own involvement with knowledge management and safety culture, and discusses the importance and value of tackling some of these issues internationally.

Jim Conca – Forbes

Iran On The 70th Anniversary Of Hiroshima

On the 70th anniversary of the first atomic bomb used against humans at Hiroshima, named Little Boy, we are faced with another decision involving the future of another bomb, similar to Little Boy. After 20 months of intense diplomatic negotiations, the landmark deal that could rein in Iran’s nuclear weapons program is now in the hands of the United States Congress. If the deal fails, many think it could mean the third time such a weapon would be used against humans – this time against Israel.

Northwest Clean Energy

Pain from Closing Vermont Yankee Lingers

Seven months ago, Vermont Yankee went off-line forever. This post looks at the consequences of the closure for the grid, for pollution, and for the people in the area.  Vermont utilities plans to purchase power from nearby Seabrook nuclear plant, a large (900 MW) carbon-dioxide-generating natural gas plant is being built posthaste, and the local area has been plunged into a depression, due to extensive job losses.  Sadly, all these negative effects were completely predictable.  The post by Meredith Angwin includes extensive references.

Rod Adams – Atomic Insights

Guest post by Bill Sacks and Greg Meyerson

The Left Needs to Reconsider its Automatic Position Against Nuclear Energy

It’s time for much of the left to reconsider a long-standing opposition to nuclear energy that often refuses to consider arguments on the other side – arguments that are rational, science-based, and deeply concerned about the environment and human health.On the question of nuclear energy and other issues, all too often the left takes its position on the basis of who advocates or opposes it.

If the state is for it, we feel we have to be against it – automatically and without having to do much homework.

If the rightwing is against it, we feel we have to be for it. If Helen Caldicott or Arnie Gundersen (both quoted by Hunziker) is against it, we feel we also have to be against it.

Will Davis – ANS Nuclear Cafe

A Cautionary Tale of Water and Power

While some people are ripping their hair out over the drought and shortage of water in California, others are ripping out their lawns—and are getting paid to do it. Of course, had the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission’s (AEC) plans for California in the mid-1960s been carried out, there would likely have been plenty of water, even today, and we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Dan Yurman – Nuetron Bytes

Finland’s Next Nuclear Reactor Gets Green Light

A mysterious investor from Croatia will not be an equity partner. According to English language news media reports from Helsinki, Finnish Prime Minister Sipilä confirms that the Fennovoima nuclear plant will be built in Pyhäjoki. Economic Affairs Minister Rehn said that issues regarding domestic ownership criteria have been cleared up. A mysterious investor from Croatia will not be an equity partner on the project.

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