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A time traveler from the age of steamFor readers who do not know me, my name is Dan Yurman. I published a blog on nuclear energy titled “Idaho Samizdat” from 2007-2012.  After a hiatus of just reading and watching the nuclear and space exploration industries for a while, I started a this new blog in 2014 with a more general scope. I remain interested in both topics.

Topics may stray into the fields of online publishing and the news media in general. You’ll see some of the media items in my Twitter feed.

This blog will be collection of news notes on things that I find interesting in these fields. My perspective is the “so what” question, the why, and ‘what does it mean’ of a news event. I do not have an agenda, point of view, and program other than a generally positive view of commercial nuclear energy and its benefits. I’ll try to be objective, but I do have opinions and will call them out as needed.

Standard Disclaimer

All of the posts on this blog are solely my responsibility and are not intended to represent the views of any other person, employer, consulting client, organization, or business, etc.  I do not have any financial interest in any project covered in this blog.

This blog routinely posts items credited to NucNet and World Nuclear News. While I strive to credit them as sources where needed, they are not responsible for my commentary or additional reporting including with their edited text.

This blog does not provide “advice” of any kind be it legal, financial, or engineering analysis. You are solely responsible for any use you make of information posted on this blog for the obvious reason that it makes no claim to having professional expertise of any kind in these areas.

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I’m on Twitter. You can follow me there via @djysrv  The Twitter feed is updated several times a week.  As of  may 2023 it has 2,800 followers. You can subscribe to new blog post by email. Enter your email address in the widget on the blog – upper right on the blog.

Awards for this Blog

In February 2019 the Energy Central site, which syndicates the content of this blog, awarded a post from Neutron Bytes as the “top post” of the year.

Blog Post Title: Project to Demonstrate Hydrogen Production Using IMSR
published September 10, 2018

See also a profile interview at this link. Full text follows below.

For the period Oct 2018 to Oct 2021 the blog had over one million page views with more than half of all readers coming from outside the U.S. It is syndicated at Energy Central. The blog continued to attain over 300,000 page views a year in 2022.


The content of this blog is protected by the copyright laws of the U.S.  Please see this reference if you have questions about “Fair Use” of this material. The blog RSS feed is for your personal use only. You may not use it to populate another Internet site. Contact me for permission to republish my blog posts for academic or nonprofit use.

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Comments will be reviewed for civility and spam. I will allow anonymous comments except when they aren’t civil or are spam. Trolls and spam will be deleted without response to sender.

This blog is syndicated at Nuclear Street, NucNet, and at Energy Central / Energy Collective. Syndication does not give third parties the rights to make further copies of blog posts. The blog has also been cited at ANS Nuclear Wire and an archive of contributions to ANS Nuclear Cafe is also available via search at that site. The blog has been cited in major US newspapers and wire services.

About Me

ans social media small

I work on project management for new business development in the Cleveland / Akron region in northeast Ohio. I volunteer in the Cleveland area as a SCORE Certified Business Mentor

I worked at the Idaho National Laboratory for 20 years from 1989-2009. Over half of that time involved in strategic planning for the lab and with technology transfer work done with the lab’s scientists and engineers.

I am a national member of the American Nuclear Society. I served on the ANS Public Communications Committee from 2010 to 2019.  In 2010 I helped launch the ANS Blog ANS Nuclear Cafe and have been a regular contributor to it since then.

Email me: neutronbytes@gmail.com
Mobile / Text via Google Voice 216-369-7194  ~ (business hours EST; -5 GMT)
I am NOT active on Facebook, Reddit, or Instagram.  Twitter: @djysrv

A Time Traveler from the Age of Steam

Fire Up 611 image courtesy of Virginia Museum of Transportation

Fire Up 611 image courtesy of Virginia Museum of Transportation

Why is there a picture of a railroad engineer at the top of  this page? I was a rail fan at a young age and grew up in an era when steam locomotives were being phased out for more efficient diesels.

The restoration of steam locomotives in the 21st Century is a fitting tribute to the men and women who worked on them when they were in revenue service.

Readers are welcome to add brief notes and URLs about their favorites in the comments section.

Here is a video clip of the 611 on a rail fan trip in 2017.

# # #

About djysrv

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  1. joffan7 says:

    Good to see you back again Dan

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  2. Glad to see you back! I posted a link to your blog at New Papyrus:


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  3. atomikrabbit says:

    Welcome back Dan!


  4. Dan, I learned about your site from Rod Adams. The galaxy photo is beautiful and perfect for your site. It conveys the atomic universe.

    My name is William (Bill) Gloege. I just started a group on the California Central Coast to support Diablo Canyon and nuclear power in general. We call ourselves “Citizens for Green Nuclear Power”. We have not got a web site yet but will. Our email address is citizensforgreennuclearpower@gmail.com.

    We are a small group of about eight regulars, but we have some technical talent with two Ph Ds and other advanced degrees. I have a Masters from Georgetown University. I studied international affairs and political science, but am drawn to nuclear because of the severe climate crisis. We have a drought in California that is only beginning to be felt. Many Californians as living off ground water and placating themselves with the fantasy that rains will return.

    However the drought is based on climate change – mainly changes in the Arctic. It is not going away in the opinion of serious scientists, like those at US Santa Cruz. In less than two years California will be on it’s knees as it drinks its last drops. We are 38 million people and a $2 trillion economy. The collapse will be spectacular. If this does not stifle the Deniers for good, nothing will.

    Our two main goals as a group are reaching and educating the grass roots citizen about nuclear and “outing” the bogus information put out by the Nuclear Deniers like Mothers for Peace, The World Business Academy in Santa Barbara, the CEC in SB, the Institute for Nuclear Responsibility, also in Santa Barbara – which is a hot bed of BS on nuclear power. See the movie they put out: “Troubled Waters” which lies boldly about dangers of Diablo Canyon. The ex-Soviet Union would have killed for this kind of very high quality, high production value propaganda

    I look forward to reading your blog regularly. Please contact us if we can help you in any way. If you are out this way (Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach areas) let us know. We can call together a pow wow of like minded nuclear supporters. Maybe you’d like a Diablo tour?

    Best regards, Bill Gloege


  5. Dan,
    I remain a fan. This is excellent.
    We just published a major report on “National Nuclear Energy Strategies” driven first by urbanization in Asia (more than national security or climate change).
    We briefed DOE-NE two months ago.

    Look forward to hearing from you, Dan.
    Andy Paterson
    Washington, DC


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